Do you, your partner, and/or your child have an intense drive to explore and master special interests?   a strong affinity for particular artistic and intellectual problems--the more complex the better?  •  Do you have a strong need to function autonomously?  •  Are you worried or confused about "fitting in"; finding intellectual peers; extreme sensitivities; underachievement; or "inner experiences" (intuition, imagination, and uncanny abilities)?   If so, chances are good that you or your child is an exceptional, accelerated, or  gifted individual.
I am  a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  and a Doctor of Education who "gets" giftedness.  I have passionate interest, specialized training, and experience in the unique social-emotional challenges and risks of gifted, talented, and highly creative people.  My approach is an interactive blend of collaborating, mentoring, coaching, problem solving, counseling, and psychotherapy skills.  I help "accelerated" individuals become comfortable with themselves, their gifts, and their place in the world.
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